Al Pacino Gives The All Blacks a Pep Talk

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Today’s daily dose of All Black is brought to you by Al Pacino.  Love this!

Shameless My Kid Is Amazing Post

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G has a super busy week this week.  Wednesday he will be joining his other advanced band members at Ramona High School for a musical extravaganza.  His school will be playing the National Anthem, the Notre Dame Fight Song, and one other that I can’t remember (LOL).

He has also been selected (along without about 12 other students) from his school to participate in a leadership conference.

He will be leaving next Friday and returning on Sunday.  I’m so excited for him, he will be doing a lot of learning, along with some team building exercises and they are even fitting in some fun with an astronomy session on Saturday night.

So yep… my kid is pretty damn amazing

RWC Finals

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Just in case you missed it.  My All Blacks (and yes all those gorgeous big men are mine and you can’t have them) have made it to the finals.

Finals are Sunday and they play France just as I called it from the beginning!

So in honor of them… and the fact that I’ll be sporting my jersey all week… here is the haka from today’s game vs the Aussies.


Austin Bats

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Congress Avenue Bats. We went on the riverboat bat tour and it was amazing. You’ve never seen so many bats in one place (not even my dreams). Something like 7million bats come out every evening. You can watch them head off to feast on bugs for about 30 minutes straight.

G got pooped on. We told him it’s good luck!


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They named the athletic center after R’s old coach at University of Texas Arlington. Hook ‘em Horns!!!!

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